Readings and Why It’s Not So Easy to Find an Authentic Psychic

We’re frequently asked what spiritual and metaphysical books we recommend.

There are a few grains of wisdom, truth, and plenty of inspiration (“You can do it!–ra-ra!”) in the majority of metaphysical books particularly the top-selling ones. You would expect that people bought them because of the content and not just because they were written by an author who is famous or have very good public relations and marketing. At least we hope so.

If you’ve read this piece, it is possible that you will not like us. If you follow our advice but you’ll eventually be able to forgive and even be grateful to us for saving you much time and money on your spiritual path. We’d rather help you create positive good karma (how selfish of us!) rather than guide you into a trap of illusion to make money quickly.

If you’re new to metaphysics or would like to have an understanding of it, we suggest titles that objectively cover the fundamentals, like reincarnation, personal karma, fate, destiny (same as fate in our view) and meditation, among other things. Although a basic knowledge of astrology and numerology can be helpful, it is not enough to rely completely on your intuition. Visit:-

They are extremely important. There’s a reason they are an essential component of all the major non-Western religions as well as spiritual philosophies around the globe. When you are able to understand the inner workings of these sacred subjects your world and life will begin to make more sense.

For numerology and astrology and numerology, we suggest works (or contemporary more objective interpretations of those works) prior to 1600 AD (with certain exceptions). We are awestruck by some types of analysis of the personality that employ the latest methods of numerology or psychological astrology. However, the majority of modern methods are too subjective and in turn ineffective.

Whatever you decide to call yourself Don’t be shocked when the author denies personal fate and karma or refuses to acknowledge that spiritual growth requires varying degrees of personal adversity.

That’s exactly what you should imagine! Your seemingly inexplicably difficult trials that you’ve had involving finances, health or the challenges of your family, friends or even a boss ended up making you more educated. Who would have thought that it was possible to be thankful for these instances and how they helped you perfectly?

Many of the most well-known spiritual and New Age authors do not talk about or even discuss hard spiritual truths for instance, those that involve the less-fun aspects of life, and ones that pertain to your spiritual checks and balances.

It could be because they’ve not studied the ideas and don’t have a grasp of their importance. It could also be due to the fact that fate and karma greatly contradict the principal concepts of their books, in some cases even rendering their claims or steps to success totally invalid.

We feel that we owe our clients and readers the obligation to speak in a way about fate, karma, and various other metaphysical subjects. There is a chance that we may lose potential clients who don’t wish to confront the realities of these subjects, but since people benefit in the end with this knowledge we provide, they are usually praised later. We’re sharing the findings from more than 20 years of our empirical research, with no agenda, and without a rigid marketing platform that disallows information that isn’t cheerful, inspiring, or inspirational.

These are quotations from a variety of well known spiritual and metaphysical authors and teachers, with our comments to demonstrate how, in our well informed opinions, they are deceiving people.

“Life is supposed to be positive for you. You can be, do or have anything that you desire.”

It is possible to instantly live an effortless life of luxurious and effortlessness by purchasing this book. Sorry, that’s pure, fantasies, wishful thinking. There isn’t a utopia, and anyone who attempts to sell it is either delusional or is trying to cover your head for their own financial profit.

“Did you know that you have the ability to end every struggle in your life?”

You can change your mind and your issues will vanish! This is because of a secret (New Age), spiritual formula, also known as denial and self-delusion. While your views of your life may have a major influence on how you feel about them, it doesn’t let you ignore the karma that was in place before you were born or avoid situations that will help you grow spiritually.

“Inside everything you require to achieve anything in life is found here.”

The last page of this book has one word, bolded and bold size 17: “Sucker!” Really, there are no quick fixes to the problems of life as many realize (or will come to, as time passes).

“…will help you learn how to manifest your desires so that you’re living the joyful and satisfying life you deserve. …It’s your right as a child to live a life that is filled with the best of everythingand this book will teach you how to make it so all the way!”

We have stated this repeatedly before: every person has their own birthright and is not rightfully entitled to anything they did not earn in an karmic sense. All that is good, they declare? There would be no “bad” without “good.”

We’re hoping to see New Age books making promises like “You are entitled to overcome the need to defecate” and “It’s your right to be energetic and never being able to sleep again!”

“The universe of endless possibilities is waiting for you.”

It’s not true. What you are waiting for is what your soul has in mind before you were born and it could clash with the ego-self (personality) desires.

“…Allows users to balance your primary emotions to reach your destiny.”

Simply “balancing your feelings” to obtain what you desire is like pasting an insincere smile on your face as if you want to feel true fulfillment. Your destiny isn’t a destination It’s not “the dream life” involving all the aspects of romantic and material success, and it’s only sometimes what you consciously decide to do. It’s your own destiny, and your soul dictates it, not your conscious mind.

Ironic, but the writer of the book makes use of destiny in its title. He clearly doesn’t understand its meaning. The eternal meaning that has been linked to it since time immemorial when people were able to predict their fate is what makes it so ironic!

“…Helps you get in touch with the inexhaustible and unabated flow of wealth. You can tap into this flow indefinitely. You’re entitled to live a a life that is full of trust, freedom, and flow.

How can you build your wealth over time? In our e-book Direct Your Destiny, we guide you on how to get the most out of your life. We believe that you have the freedom to pursue destined goals, and those which are in line with your destiny and karmic plan. However, no New Age or spiritual authors have, to our knowledge, have in any way directly or indirectly contributed to the creation of billionaires, ever, but there are today millions of millionaires who are snake oil salespeople, or we’re talking about New Age inspirational authors. There is no way to reach any goal unless you have the ability to. If you don’t believe this, you would if you had done as much objective work in this area as we’ve done. It’s hard to ignore the astonishing connections between personal destiny Karma, fate, past life regression and well-honed intuition and the vast chart of numerology and astrology.

“Life is awe-inspiring. It doesn’t need to be complicated. The universe that we each experiences can be a stunning one. It is possible to live your life what you like.

It is true that life can be amazing in the sense that if you’re blessed with an imaginative mind it is possible to imagine whatever you’d like. Imagineering is a powerful tool that can help to bridge the gap between reality and imagination. Dreams won’t be realized unless you take them as part of your destiny. Good news: If you’re grounded and centered (regular meditation is beneficial) and you are centered, you naturally draw your attention to your goals and the dreams you’ve set in motion.

Positive thinking attracts prosperity, happiness, and good health.

This excerpt is taken from one of the most popular metaphysical books of recent times. The book has been mentioned in other articles.

This simplistic religious view which ignores any conflicting spiritual laws or guidelines, is unjust. It implies that those who are impacted by natural disasters or die in plane crashes should have more negative thinking.

Are these authors selling their souls to Satan in order to earn a few bucks? We believe that many of them are out to assist others. But, be wary of significant life-altering claims. It’s possible to fall for it if it appears too good to be true.

We all enjoy motivational quotes. However, if it’s not grounded in spiritual truth and truth, it will not be for your highest good. Are you able to see why the New Age has a bad reputation.

Commercially-corrupted versions of spirituality are hot sellers because the packaging is captivating, the marketing is powerful, instantaneous credibility is given to almost anyone who appears in mainstream media, a sheep-herd mentality exists, and people have always looked for immediate gratification and quick fixes.

This is probably the most fascinating question that we all have in our minds. It is a question that is difficult to answer regardless of how successful or practical we may be in our lives. Many who have achieved greatness through hard work and planning have this odd feeling at times, that somehow, an inexplicable force dominates our lives. We call it destiny.

We can now decide if we are in control of our destiny, or if a mysterious force that drives us is a matter of debate. Those, who believe that we have the power to control all the variables and that man is the one who decides his own destiny, have a logical case, and rightly so. They believe destiny is determined and we have very little control. With some exceptions, the scientific evidence supporting the view of the former can be supported by statistics. The latter on contrary, don’t have the mass numbers to prove that the numbers affect and influence the life of people. I’ll attempt to demonstrate in this piece that destiny is a reality and we are able to position our lives in relation to it. The order can be altered through the form of a mathematical juxtaposition. In this case the route or path can be chosen.

Occult theories are hard to grasp for a lot of readers. They are described as complex, subjective and jargon-filled. Numerology appears to be particularly difficult. However it’s actually quite easy. It’s actually quite simple. You could either follow the advice of a trusted source with good faith, or be rational and find an answer to “Why”. If you’re still not convinced consider denying it before proceeding.

I suggest readers should follow the advice in good faith but make sure to consult an expert numerologist. You are aware that to describe an idea or a concept there’s a clear sequence in which thoughts flow from what, why, how and when. ‘What’, is the main focus, whereas the other three support and explain the proposition in terms of financial viability, especially if it’s an idea for a business, and also other elements. An idea that is new could emerge, or a strategy to expand your business. Almost all these activities share one feature in common. To differentiate and identify an entity, you require an identity. In other words an entity that is new is born and will have to acquire the name in order to function. Names are composed of letters, the numerals represent letters, and numbers are a signification.

The same question is now. What can I do to control my destiny?

There are two options. Don’t be fooled and make your own decision about what is right for your new venture or your baby’s first birthday. Be patient. Consider an implicit rule of grammar: names can be written in many ways so long as their pronunciation is not distorted. It is common to write names and brands in various ways. From the perspective of numerology, Abhijit and Abhijeet are distinct names. A brand name, Quick, can be known as Quik, but with a different meaning.

Do you believe these changes actually affect anything? Believe me, they do. It is the most crucial decision we make in life. It’s more important than having a solid business plan and naming your child something with meaning. Each of these names adds to various numbers and that’s the reason they’re soft, strong, gentle, powerful, lucky, neutral or unlucky in certain instances.

According to the final number of the name, there are different routes. This could suggest that we’re bound to do something. For me, it’s a track on which we move through time. The same is true for products and companies. It is the sum of numbers that represent, and one letter can make a path very different from the next.

For instance, Shah Rukh Khan, an Indian celebrity is a lucky number. You would agree that in showbiz specifically the field of showbiz, luck plays an important in comparison to other fields.

Of course, if you cage an animal, it won’t be able to display its power. It needs a door to escape confinement, so that it can be free and then you can see the magnificent animal at its finest. This is the case regardless of regardless of whether you decide to name it for your child, a brand new product, company, slogan, or any other reason. If you want to create a brand or a business for example, you need a robust strategy, funds and an enthralling team. Your child will require good education, training as well as healthcare.

You might argue that this is an overly broad statement and not universally suitable. Is it?

No, absolutely not. A good name will make your trip more enjoyable and will help you be successful.

Everyday life is full of triumphs and failures for individuals businesses, brands, films, books, etc. You see big brands collapsing despite massive support. Due to reasons that are later discovered, large corporations can come to an abrupt slow halt. People who are extremely successful both in show business and business face sudden fall. No one is responsible for people’s failures in their marriages and relationships. Look around, you will discover happy couples breaking their vows and you’re left wondering what the reason. Many celebrities have achieved amazing success for no apparent reason. There are films with great scripts, but they fail in all areas. The whole thing appears to be a simple causality but there are particular commonalities among entities that have numbers categorized as lucky in numerology.

The definition of destiny for each person is unique to each person. It is a fact that destiny can be described as the opening of doors that leads you to greater levels within your own life. This process is ongoing. This to me is a good fate for anyone, company, brand as well as a country.

Let me summarize. A well-known name paired with positive attributes and strategies assures success. A name that is not so good, paired with good qualities and strategies may or may not succeed. It is about opening doors to the top.

The people who have success in business or other areas will not be content with their relationships with love. Do they consider themselves fortunate? It’s not my opinion. so.

The question we started with is: How do I be in control of my destiny?

It is essential to provide a positive name at the time of birth to any entity, whether it be an organization, brand or slogan or even your child. Even if we do change or alter the spelling later on, it may not be significant and could not even be noticed by others but it can be very helpful. For example, Jaffar Hussain if changed to Jaffer Hussain or Jaffar Hussein appears to be one and the exact same. Sushmita, Sushmeeta, Sushmeeta, and Sushmita are all the same names, however they’re written in various ways. In numerology however, it’s a massive shift from ‘One’ to ‘Ten’ and the reverse.

A psychic reading is an experience that is highly rewarding as well as an enriching experience. It’s easy to locate You can look for psychic readings on various networks on the internet, and there are ads for them in the back of magazines or promoted on television commercials. They’re not too difficult to find, or are they?

It shouldn’t be difficult to find a psychic due to the possibility of accessing psychics from across the globe. One of the most popular methods to locate psychics is to conduct an internet search. Search for real psychic readings or “authentic psychic readings.” You must be careful when searching for psychic readings as you do not want to discover fraudsters or fake psychics. Most of us know that intuition is real and there’s a lot of documentation out there supporting the credibility of gifted persons who can tap into energy and perceive information that is connected to you clairvoyantly, empathically and in various other ways. While some people make use of their intuition without instruments, others utilize divination tools such as Tarot cards or numerology. People with “spiritual gifts” are those who have the ability to listen to others by a voluntary and non-voluntary manner, can access hidden truths and other possibilities.

But, wait…

Let’s suppose you have had many psychic readings. You’ve visited so many and heard a lot of stories that sounded like true, and things you hoped would turn out to be correct, and you spent a lot of time and money waiting for the predictions that you were told would happen, to happen. After listening to a lot of people and hearing the same stories from many others, and enduring the wait for nothing to happen. Why is that?

They could be extremely fortunate to have access to thousands of genuine psychic advisors across the globe, or perhaps they are taking advantage of the fact there are many people suffering and vulnerable are convinced that those who represent or symbolize authenticity in their spirituality are real. They say they’re psychic and therefore have to be. It’s not true.

My intention is to communicate to people that psychics aren’t always the ones that represent their own networks and themselves. You don’t need to talk to hundreds or hundreds of psychics to identify a genuine psychic. This topic is important since it is possible to invest thousands of dollars, and be disillusioned.

The MAIN POINT TO understand if you are looking FOR REAL PSYCHIC READING

It is essential to know that the general notion of the term “psychic” from the perspective of the seeker’s perspective first, is that when you call one, they will inform that you are that it is the “GOOD” that is going to take place in your life in the future. You most likely call because you are in pain and want to make a be changed or to wish that the future will be better. It’s not a psychic reading, but fortune telling. This is the standard practice for many psychic services around the globe. The psychic advisors perform their duties in the manner they’ve been trained to do: tell the caller something positive, but don’t tell them anything that is negative (and it is true that nothing is negative, but we must not presume that they are aware of the truth), make them feel good. They do this because it is their task! Remember! It is their responsibility to help you feel great. And when you experience this, you are almost drunk of what they’ve said and you are able to accept the situation and often, you start to get a kick out of it, even if is not the truth, it was never and will never be .

Also, fortune telling, that’s what you’ll get from the vast majority of available psychics waiting to answer your calls. It’s like fast food. It’s enjoyable at first however it’s not beneficial for your long-term health. A majority of script readings are trained who are trained to give you a good fortune. There are variations of course. There are several. Certain people are more successful than others. One of the worst situations I have seen are people who have talent and are trying to get you to give them money in return for curses or negative energy being sucked out. This is absurd. It’s absurd. The skeptical and the critics have a negative perception of psychics. The real psychics have to be free from this negative perception. It’s not simple, considering that the few real psychics usually operate on the same networks. It’s like trying to find a minnow in a sea of fish.


The answer to this problem is, naturally, awareness. Once you’re aware of this “imitation” psychic concept the eyes will be opened and the truth will be exposed. It begins to lose its power over and you’ll be able to recognize the truth. Now you will be more careful in your selection of a psychic adviser and you will tend to not believe everything that is said in a “for-entertainment-only-type psychic reading. There are a lot of psychics waiting to answer your inquiries but there’s a small chance of finding one who has the highest level of professional training in divination art. This is the guidance you should adhere to: