La Gomera – The Canary Island’s Hidden Treasure

What a truly spectacular location. La Gomera is a gorgeous small island in the Atlantic that is located off the coast of Africa. It’s a round Isle from volcanic source and is just 14 kilometers in diameter! Again, though modest in stature its mountainous terrain makes for some genuinely breath-taking viewpoints.

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There are just a few places left in the world that boast these all-natural splendour that have not been plagued by mass-tourism into the edge of suffocation.La Gomera on the other hand, affords its customers the greatest amount of calmness and quiet.Obviously, that is not to mention there isn’t anything to do that! If you would like to enjoy some insanely tasty food and a comparatively bustling nightlife then there are a couple respectable restaurants and restaurants; however for the most part, La Gomera adopts the silent life. Though, if you would like to escape from the insanity and revel in the easy pleasures that life offers afterward La Gomera is almost surely the place for you! Thus, what’s there to do on this silent, hidden jewel of an Isle? It is not everybody’s cup of tea, even however for those who love the fantastic outdoors then La Gomera includes a wealth of magnificent hiking trails for you to pick from. The favorite paths in La Gomera include space from 5km around approximately 11km, affording you lots of chance to develop a sweat!Enjoy a stroll along the shore and throughout the Valle Gran Rey. This is only one of the more popular destinations around the Island as a result of the breathtaking views and abundant cultural heritage.We have seen the sun set a million times, each one more beautiful than previously. A sunset on La Gomera nevertheless, is arguably among the most memorable adventures which you could witness.You are able to collect together with your friends and also the regional residents with a couple cold beers because you see the flame fighters perform to native drum and pipe music while the sun sets. It truly is a thing to behold and provides a completely distinctive experience to that of this clashing of different dance anthems blasting from each bar along the strip from Tenerife.Whale Viewing There are just a few areas in which you are able to successfully see Whale’s in all their natural attractiveness. La Gomera provides a lot of enticing trips that will break your vacation up fairly well. A couple of hours on a ship using a spot of lunch at hot weather does not seem all that bad does it?The Mirador p Abrante RestaurantIn the northern area of the island you’ve got the magnificent restaurant called: Mirador de Abrante. This is famous the world over because supplying the most majestic views in all La Gomera. By means of this unbelievable glass arrangement, you’ll have the ability to enjoy a exceptional perspective of Tenerife out of 625 metres above sea level!RelaxThere’s far cultural attractiveness to respect in La Gomera, using quite a few local festivals where tourists are welcome to participate. The most essential thing of all though, is having the ability to genuinely escape from the mundanity and pressures of daily life and unwind in heaven.Stray from the beaten path and experience this superb hidden gem when it’s still comparatively untouched by tourism.