Is Kiyosaki Now Against Gold Investing And Silver Investing?

During the past ten years, more or less, Robert Kiyosaki, a strong defender of the creation of wealth, was the emphasis on the importance of gold investment or silver investment and the need for physical blocks. But in recent months, more or less, there seems to have “Left” gold and silver; If nothing else, apparently stopped promoting it.
I found it an interesting, as the basics to invest in silver or invested in gold have not changed, anyway, improved:

The Fed continued to push money while our national debt continues to extend without an end to the eye,
Unemployment and unemployed scores are still high,
Inflation continues to rise by the Council if the economy remains ahead, even with all the efforts of governments to stimulate and support it … so I find it strange that Kiyosaki, who promoted gold, because it was just $ 250 per ounce (now nearly $ 1600 / ounces) and silver when it was just $ 3 per ounce (now, more than $ 36 / ounce), it no longer looks like a defender of precious metals (though clear, he Never defend him against gold and silver).
But then I have one of his seminars (where it discusses the importance of financial education and the creation of wealth) recently, and I hear something shocking that I think practically explain why … Kiyosaki in the creation of wealth Visit:-

During his seminars, Kiyosaki usually uses his own antidote and personal experiences to illustrate his points and show examples of what he wants to say. It has always been a strong defender to collect assets, more specifically investments and companies, and so that they apply in their pockets each month (compared to other people who like to do others or mainly for capital gains tax, ie the Flight homes , Buy Talls to sell., etc. A much more dangerous path of investment, especially today).
During the past year, more or less, he referred to investments in great features of the Arizona complex, large buildings of apartment in the south, oil and gas and well perforations, along with a gold mine in China …
Each of these investments is again made thanks to the major principles of investment, each shows each, as each asset has the ability to provide a large cash flow once the asset is “sitting in production” (units of apartments building and building and Rental. Outside; well pump gas and / or oil; gold-producing mines, etc.).
And then in this recent seminar it came to the end during a question and respond to investment in gold or invest in silver. You can say that Kiyosaki carefully think about how to formulate his answer. This question took out a real passion. He answered the question. He says he, although he held the Chinese as a personal town, and that the people of China have become a lot of money (from all their books and games, maybe I will never do with Chinese business (you will see what he will have. . They were clear from his experience that Kiyosaki himself only learned a very important lesson … Then he explained how his gold mine invested and developed in China for a few years, a company you could say that he was very Excited when he mentioned before, he recently hit the gold. The problem is that as soon as he hit the gold, the Chinese took mine, it wasn’t his more! It was lost, everything had finished, finished. No more gold mine, no longer gold. He continued to say how China will soon become the world’s strongest country and that we must all prepare for it. This is not the first time that an asset or business has been taken in a country. China has a history of this and today has a great influence or control over very important resources, namely the minerals of the Rare Earth (material needed for the latest current technology, from iPhones and iPads to solar panels and hybrid cars) . However, the same thing happened in other countries where the government is only responsible for a business (Saudi Aramco oil in Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest oil companies, for example, is used to be an American oil company in front of the News . Nationalization it). To continue to continue this trend in the future, as resources around the world are scarce, as energy is more expensive and, as the global economy continues to dive … of this relationship of Kiyosaki and its recent experience specifically, understand and fully appreciate their deep hatred for communism. Although we can see ourselves as capitalists here in the United States, he noted that we have the same way in our country (it will not invest for the same reasons in California or New York). People want the government more and more and waiter and to work less and less. Take the rich and give the poor. Government more and bigger. More government programs. You say that. While Eastern Europe still fights the communism of the past, we appear to fight in the United States against the emergence of communism.