During Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era, Palm Oil Plantation Have to Implement Digital Technology

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At the moment the planet is at the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) that is distinguished by the execution of artificial intelligence, super pc, large information, cloud computation, and electronic innovation which happens in the exponential pace which will directly affect into the market, industry, authorities, as well as international politics.Industrial Revolution 4.0 can also be interpreted as an attempt to alter the practice of improvement by incorporating the manufacturing line (production line) together with the area of cyber, where most of manufacturing procedures run online via internet connection as the most important support.Road Map into Industrial 4.0 at Palm Oil IndustryIn Indonesia the program of business 4.0 is anticipated to boost innovation and productivity, reduce operational expenses, and efficiency that contributed to improve the export of domestic goods. To be able to accelerate the execution of Business 4.0, Indonesia has established a roadmap for business 4.0 by setting five production businesses which are going to be a top priority in its own development, such as food and drink business, automotive, electronics, textiles and chemicals.The five business sectors are preferred considering they have shown their excellent contribution to the domestic economic development. By way of instance, the food and drink business, particularly the palm oil business, has a market share with expansion reaching 9.23percent in 2017. Additionally, the sector also became the biggest foreign exchange contributor in the non-oil industry which reached around 34.33percent annually 2017. This figure also puts the palm oil sector as the biggest foreign market contributor to the nation.The structural transformation in the agricultural sector to the industrial sector has also improved per capita income and pushed Indonesians from agrarian to markets that rely in an industry-driven value-added process hastened by the creation of digital technologies.From the context of the industrial revolution 4.0, the palm oil business sector should instantly clean up, particularly in the part of electronic technology. That is thinking about the command of electronic technologies is going to be the key that determines the validity of Indonesia.Because if not, then the palm oil sector will be left behind from different nations. If we don’t enhance our capacities and competitiveness in priority industries, we won’t only have the ability to make it to the goal but are overridden by additional nations which are better prepared from the international and national markets.Digitalization Era at Palm Oil IndustryAs a significant participant in the world palm oil business, Indonesia should clean up shortly. Complete procedure and operational efficiency is instantly undertaken particularly regarding activities involving most manpower like field work (infield action ) such as harvest maintenance, property treatment, fertilizing action, weeding, harvesting and hauling fruit into sorting and weighing. This is because within this industry there’s often time and price inefficiency.Digital technology has eased a great deal of work at the palm oil market. Now no more have to create statistical information collected from lots of palm plantations . Ease and other benefits of digital technologies can capture pictures or photographs of new fruit bunches, in addition to precise location of their garden by means of a tablet which could get into the GPS. And it doesn’t need their existence on the area.