Aerial Survey Companies – What Types of Surveying

While almost everyone knows matching air topography, a few people are familiar with their technical aspects, with the eye that serve, and what technology is currently available for full air polls. In addition to collecting information from an aerial perspective using traditional camera methods, air topography is also based on remote detection technology, such as satellites and laser scanners to produce lido (light detection and range), lamp (map of mapping from Low altitude) and high precision digital terrain. Modeling, to name a few.
Lidar uses a remote optical detection technology that works in a similar way to a triangulation scanner, measuring the properties of the dispersed light on the range (ie physical data points) of an object. As a triangulation scanner, you use a laser to read a light pattern with bands that show the area of ​​a short distance scanning, Lidar Technology Print a laser to read the properties of scattered light of a long distance .

Useful for meteorology, wind energy projects, geology, physics and astronomy, biology and conservation, and the application of law and law, are Lidar surveys commonly offered by air recording companies they offer 3D laser scanning services.

The lamp uses high resolution digital cameras and recorders to capture images of closest distances as a lidar, typically about 300 feet above ground level, with the preferred method of flight usually helicopter. In some cases, the flight companies that have helicopters offer lamp services, often used by companies and individuals to a large real estate area before purchasing recording. Visit:-

But when the lamp uses for technical purposes, such as air mapping, power line and pipe patrol, or street planning and road, contact air recording companies that also experience technical disciplines such as Lidar and 3D laser recording is the best option.
Modeling a high precision digital site, also known as digital lifting modeling, delivers a digital representation of topography or specific land surfaces. It is also formed from countries topography, digital terrain models are most commonly formed using remote detection technology, which includes: Stereo photogrammetry, Lidar radar and Doppler.

Digital terrain models have a variety of uses, including: extract land parameters, creating lighting cards, 3D flight planning, engineering design, transport system design, digital images for Flight simulators; And creating 3D visualizations. Although laser scanning services and high-tech air topography services are often within the same company, many of these companies have a longer history in the realization of traditional topography, including air topography, and gradually replace their Survey technology with higher performance Technology as it was available. If you need laser scanning services or air topography methods offered by laser scanning companies and can not find a company in your area, many scan / recording suppliers travel to worldwide places due to the portability of the scan / topography equipment.